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Project Genetics specializes in assisting organizations to overcome project and PMO challenges by offering a number of core services that are supported by established toolkits

What We Do

We are project delivery, project management and PMO experts. We consistently deliver robust end to end project delivery solutions that support our customers’ growth strategies and day-to-day business operations.
PMO Methodology Implementation

PMO Methodology

Our client was a local government entity, the 2nd largest in Australia, with a budget of $400 million in annual capital expenditure, and servicing over a million residents. Projects had significant budgets and required the coordination of multiple departments, vendors, and regulations.

Agile Transformation

Implementation of Agile for a major US based medical personnel services company operating nationwide

Our client was a US based medical personnel company providing access to the most innovative workforce solutions and healthcare staffing resources available. In recent years, they had grown through mergers & acquisitions and were forced to scale their internal systems.

Agile Transformation
Project Recovery

Project Recovery

Project recovery services for a CRM project

Our client was a US based satellite imagery company, selling imagery to companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. To service its clients more efficiently, Salesforce was implemented. After an initial failed implementation, Project Genetics was brought in to help get the project on track and help the company realize its project ROI.

Enterprise Project Implementation

Enterprise project implementation for a major U.S.-based satellite imagery organization operating globally

Our client was a U.S.-based satellite imagery organization with a skilled high-tech and production workforce offers solutions to government, humanitarian, emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other global entities. They provide breakthrough technology and continuously strive to improve their own technology, services, and internal systems. The Project Genetics team has provided multiple services to this organization.

Workday Implementation
Mergers & Acquisitions Program

Mergers & Acquisitions

Implementation of PMO for a major US based physician services company operating nationwide

Our client was a US based physician services healthcare company and national hospital-based physician group with over 30,000 employees whose growth strategy was through acquisitions, doing over 6 acquisitions a year ranging from large to small acquisitions, that post merger had to be successfully integrated into the company’s operations.

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