Project recovery

Turnaround project services for a CRM project

Our client was a US based satellite imagery company, selling imagery to companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. To service its clients more efficiently, Salesforce was implemented. After an initial failed implementation, Project Genetics was brought in to help get the project on track and help the company realize its project ROI.

What was the challenge?

Speed of service is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction, so the company purchased Salesforce. However, the initial implementation didn’t meet their needs and left some challenges:

What we did…

Improved the project processes, from requirements gathering to change management in order to improve adoption – ensuring the right functionality was  implemented and properly rolled out to the team:

How did it do?

Building in stronger requirements gathering and business readiness processes engaged the team and improved overall adoption.

Better project data led to making better decisions around what functionality should be implemented within the system.

System usage increased from 8% to 50% within 1 year, with increases projected to continue as new functionality implementations were scheduled to be rolled out.

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