The WFM Experience

UKG Pro WFM Solutions

At Project Genetics, it’s not just another “Workforce Management” Project – it’s The WFM Experience!

The WFM Experience means you will get a team of Global Experts who are committed to partnering with you on an individualized and personal level leading to the best possible outcome for your project.

Our people are committed to you, your people, and your success. We work collaboratively and proactively to ensure your project stays on time and on budget to help you to achieve your outcomes.

Each engagement is personalized to support your unique business processes and circumstances. We don’t take a one size fits all approach which could lead to unsatisfactory results. 

We leverage our deep experience combined with industry best practices to fit your desired outcomes.

Our team consists of industry leading consultants. Our team members are certified in their respective areas of competency: Workforce Management, Project/Program Management, HR & Payroll.

At Project Genetics, our clients are signing up for a true partnership where they receive The WFM Experience they deserve. Whether you’re a small firm or large enterprise, all our partners/clients deserve and get The WFM Experience!

Our UKG practice offerings:

UKG Pro Workforce Management Services

Workforce Central Services

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