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Project Genetics’ consultants have deep expertise in complex business and project environments involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders throughout public, government, corporate, audit, legal and regulatory domains, gained through all of our project delivery work.

Our Project Solutions

Whether your projects are getting delivered after the deadline, or you’re having trouble managing all of the moving pieces in your workflow, we can help. Especially in IT, making sure that you’re efficiently delivering a high-quality, complete, on-budget project can be stressful. What you need is a leader for all of the projects, timelines, resources, and dependencies that you’re using. You need a leader to make sure you’re on budget and within scope. You need someone to oversee what you’re working on, all the way from conception to completion and delivery. There’s a lot riding on your projects, and you can’t afford to let this one get mis-managed.

Project failing? Is your reputation on the line? Our skilled consultants are experts at assessing failing projects and implementing practical solutions to get them back on track. Our consultants leverage their industry knowledge combined with their leadership ability to get you back on track quickly.

You need everything working together, seamlessly. When details get dropped, big mistakes are made — mistakes that cost your business valuable time and money. Not being able to keep up with the pace of business means that you can’t compete. When delivering a portfolio of projects, not knowing what resources you’re using and which dependencies you have, you’re stuck. There’s nothing worse than having to put projects on hold because your pipeline is unclear. You need a system that aligns to the main objectives in your company. We take over your PMO (Project Management Office) implementation, helping you to make sense of details, schedules, processes, and systems that affect your bottom line, your profit, and your day-to-day functions as a company. You don’t even need to staff a PMO for your company. We will run your PMO from our offices. We’ll even help you build best practices, so that you can internally continue to refine your own strategies; focusing on what you do best: great IT systems.

IT projects are worthless if the benefits are not being realized. Too frequently organizations invest in the solution without realizing the outcomes because of the lack of investments in change. Our consultants leverage industry best practices and consulting experience to ensure your “go live” is successful and users are prepared.

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