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Operating at the intersection of passion and expertise, Project Genetics is a proven leader in project management solutions. Our team has a successful track record of having an ongoing impact in maximizing technology investments for brands, worldwide.

Our Story

Project Genetics Strategizes Agile Solutions


Our successful journey started with our founder Jana Axline quitting her awesome corporate job (which she loved) to launch a best-of-class project leadership team. We have a committed team of recognized project leaders who get things done on time, every time, every project. That’s because we operate at the intersection of passion and expertise.

If your business project demands a quick ramp-up, a turnaround, or a successful integration during a merger or acquisition, our team of project management leaders are the perfect partners to help you maximize results.

Our proprietary process puts the right person on the job from day one, who will fit your needs and earn your team’s respect. Clients love our approach as we are always committed to 100% project success.

Approach to Work

From day one we zero-in on attaining successful outcomes, adding the right person to your project team who best aligns with your goals and will earn your team’s respect.

We are passionate about seeing projects succeed. We love the feeling when a project finishes and a company gets the results they want. We think projects don’t have to be painful and want to make your life easier.

  • Zero-in On Client Needs: current and changing
  • Commit To 100% Project Success
  • Focused on getting things done
  • Trusted and respected partners in client organizations
  • The perfect fit team member for each client team
  • Strategic Project Delivery
  • Project Recovery
  • Change Management
  • PMO Implementations
  • Agile Implementations

Our Team

Driven high-impact leaders in project management, operating at the intersection of passion and excellence. Every person in our aligned team has project leadership in their DNA
Jana Axline, President of Project Genetics

Jana Axline

Founder & Chief Project Officer of Project Genetics who has created a successful brand of project leaders. She is adept at moving between the big picture and small details and believes that sustained success comes from the drive to get things done.


Are driven and highly accountable? Love what you do and committed to get things done? Want to grow with a fast-paced winning team of project leaders? Let’s talk.

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