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Driven high-impact leaders in project management, operating at the intersection of passion and excellence. Every person in our aligned team has project leadership in their DNA

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Jana Axline

Founder & Chief Project Officer of Project Genetics who has created a successful brand of project leaders. She is adept at moving between the big picture and small details and believes that sustained success comes from the drive to get things done.


Adrian Tyler
David Fitzsimmons
Director - Project Genetics Pty Ltd
Jim Munoz
Director, Founder of the WFM Experience


Peter Brabenec
Chief Operating Officer
Laura Mensching
Global Practice Lead - The WFM Experience
Michelle Nicolay
Global Practice Lead - Project Solutions
Headshot of Todd Kiernan - General Manager – Go to Market
Todd Kiernan
General Manager – Go to Market

The WFM Experience

Aisha Rosa

Aisha Rosa

Ally Mensching

Amy Brown

Anders Wood

Andrew Munoz

Anthony Buss

Check Nemetz

Chuck Nemetz

Deb Foust

Jayson Albertson

Jen Tackett

Mary Ann Henderson

Sarah Morley

Project Solutions

Billie Collins

Caroline Kingma

Chelsea Chorpenning

Deepak Sakthivel

Helen Lygdas

Lisa Owens

Mack Thompson

Paul Hage

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