The 6 Biggest Challenges to Successful Project Delivery

July 22, 2022

Coming up with ideas for your business is one thing, but executing those ideas involves challenges of coordinating multiple teams in an effective way. Here are some common project delivery issues that you need to keep in mind when developing a strategy for your business.

The 6 Biggest Challenges to Successful Project Delivery

1. Unclear Goals and Objectives

If the endgame of a project is unclear to the teams involved in executing it, there won’t be a unified vision for people to work towards. This will lead to confusion and a lack of cohesion between team members, impacting the quality of the results you get. Giving everyone an easily-understood goal right from the start of the project helps to keep everybody on the same page.

2. Scope and Budget Creep

Hand-in-hand with the issue of unclear project objectives is the common problem of scope creep. This refers to when the intended goals of a project begin to become broader over time as a result of factors that weren’t taken into account when goals were being set, often leading to a project going over budget. Planning ahead of time to clearly define the scope of a project is essential to avoid these issues.

3. Poor Communication

Very few worthwhile projects can be completed by a single individual, especially in the business world. That’s why coordination and collaboration between and within different teams involved in a project is essential. Providing the right communication infrastructure for your workforce will allow for improved teamwork, fewer misunderstandings, and a more cohesive approach to the project.

4. Conflict Between Team Members

Another aspect of communication issues that can impact a project, conflict within the team carrying out the project can also lead to negative results. This conflict is only natural at times, as projects are important to the people who work so hard on them. Good leadership is required to resolve disputes in a fruitful way, leading to a better end result that takes everybody’s feedback into account.

5. Lack of Contingency Plans

No matter how thorough and well thought-out the plan behind a project is, there are inevitably going to be unexpected variables that come up. Being prepared for these circumstances before they arise will help you resolve issues in a calm manner with no unnecessary panic involved. Developing plans for various ‘what-if’ scenarios in advance will help give your project the flexibility it needs to succeed.

6. Deadline Issues

One often-overlooked factor in the success or failure of a project is the deadline given for the project. A lax deadline will cause a project to fall on the backburner, while an impractically short deadline will lead to corners being cut and substandard results. Figuring out realistic time management for your projects will allow you to give your teams exactly the amount of time they need to thrive while still maintaining high efficiency.

The project implementation tools that we offer will give you everything you need to tackle these issues and any other challenge carrying out your project entails. Contact Project Genetics and see how our management consulting services can benefit your business!

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