Projects Are Our DNA

Project Genetics is a proven leader in project management solutions. Our team has a successful track record in maximizing technology investments for brands worldwide.

Why Project Genetics

If your technology project demands a quick ramp-up, recovery, or you are trying to integrate during a merger or acquisition, our team of project management leaders are the perfect partners.

Our proprietary process puts the right person on the job from day one, who will fit your needs and earn your team’s respect. Clients love our no-nonsense approach as we are always committed to 100% project success.

Our passion for project leadership gets things done on time, every time, every project.

What we do

From Conception through Implementation to Measuring Success, It’s in Our DNA

Strategic Project Delivery

We help enterprise projects implement on-time, on budget, and within scope to help you get the expected project outcomes.

What our clients say

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Companies are faced with a need to constantly be evolving and improving in order to effectively respond to the market. This pressure to evolve
When I once joined a project as a recovery consultant, the organization had already spent $10 million on a Salesforce implementation. Despite the amount

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