Unique DNA, Unique UKG Services: 
Tailored Solutions for Your Organization.

With a specialized focus on workforce management solutions, Project Genetics is a proven leader in successful project implementations. We tailor your UKG solution to meet the unique requirements of your business. Getting you the results you need while making it an amazing experience.

The WFM Experience

The WFM Experience means you will get a team of UKG Global Experts who are committed to partnering with you on an individualized and personal level leading to the best possible outcome for your project.

Client side
project delivery

Project Genetics consultants have deep expertise in complex business and project environments. Whether you’re undertaking a UKG or another technology project, we can help with project management, change management, training, business analysis and testing.

(o)perational (s)ervices

Project Genetics offers an optional post-launch support service called SOS (Solution Operational Services). This monthly subscription provides a full-services catalog of solution support and delivery that can be leveraged “on demand” via a simple service management process.

Why Project Genetics

Project Genetics gets you the results you need while making your implementation a positive experience.

Our expertise helps you get value more quickly by getting it right the first time. 

We get things done on time, every time, every project.

What our clients say

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we have consultants in the US, AUS, Singapore, Philippines, UK, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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