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You need someone that understands how to get your ideas, systems, products and teams working together, smoothly.

You need someone to manage the details, so that you don’t have to.

You need someone who can help you streamline the bottlenecks in your business, which are preventing you from producing, from growing, and from meeting your goals.

Whether you’re a growing company, re-structuring an existing business, anticipating a merger, or you’re just tired of the details getting mis-managed, Project Genetics can help. You know that having someone on your team who understands how to successfully manage projects from conception to creation is imperative to your success — and your bottom line. You know you don’t have the time to explain the nuances of every system, all the people involved, and the desired result. You just need someone who understands, who can fill the gaps, and create a pipeline of success, over and over again.

We help companies just like yours produce, profit, and permeate the market through strategic solutions designed to prevent loss of resources and wasted time.

(Because your time is your money, and wasting it is something you cannot afford.)

You need someone you can trust to give access to. You need someone that can oversee what is currently happening in your business, and someone who will make objective decisions, because they’re what’s best for the goals you want to meet. You need someone who wants your business to succeed as much as you do — and who is in it for the long haul.

Project Genetics is based in Denver, Colorado. We have a proven track record of implementing effective, efficient systems that are revolutionizing productivity, large-scope projects, and the companies behind them.

We care about you, and your business, so we’re there for you from the beginning, through every step of the process.

No more attempting to implement, but ending up with spinning wheels. No more failed attempts at getting everyone on board, and working in the same direction.

You already have the resources — you just need someone to make everything work together seamlessly.

Jana Axline

Jana is a focused leader who achieves ambitious results. She drives ideas from initiation to implementation, achieving successful outcomes for clients.

Chelsea Chorpenning

Chelsea is a change management professional focused on achieving high-level results for her clients. She is skilled at working with both individuals and teams to break through organizational barriers and implement innovative solutions.

Adrian Tyler

Adrian is Project Genetics’ advisor with over 20 years of experience in establishing and leading enterprise wide projects and programs, change leadership and consulting to organizations around the world.

Mirinda Scott

Mirinda is a project and change manager with a solid track record of successfully developing and implementing projects that produce transformational results. She excels at leading teams by providing collaborative and incisive guidance. She brings strategic and innovative direction and will help you leverage technology to drive performance.

Gigi Singh

Gigi’s agile expertise, coupled with her leadership experience allows her to help organizations leverage Agile practices to achieve on-time delivery, improved quality, and enhanced customer satisfaction. She establishes foundations for organizational effectiveness through alignment, shared vision, values, and investing in people.

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