Migration to Microsoft GovCloud High Tenant for a major U.S.-based satellite imagery organization operating globally

Our client was a U.S.-based satellite imagery organization with a skilled high-tech and production workforce offers solutions to government, humanitarian, emergency response, maritime surveillance, infrastructure and other global entities. They provide breakthrough technology and continuously strive to improve their own technology, services, and internal systems. The Project Genetics team has provided multiple services to this organization.

What was the challenge?

The client needed to gain a more accurate picture of its workforce, total labor costs, teams’ skills, experience, and performance. The client had disparate systems, different practices, and no holistic or unified reporting. Project Genetics was brought in to support the Business Analysis and Organizational Change Management activities.

What we did…

We built collaborative, cross-functional teams and used a hybrid of traditional and lean-Agile processes centered on driving excellence and innovation through an intuitive SaaS UX.

How did it do?

We implemented sustainable Agile practices:

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