Agile Transformation

Implementation of Agile for a major US based medical personnel services company operating nationwide

Our client was a US based medical personnel company providing access to the most innovative workforce solutions and healthcare staffing resources available. In recent years, they’ve grown through mergers & acquisitions and are forced to scale their internal systems.

What was the problem?

With such a diverse range of customers, they needed to consistently deliver high-quality, complex solutions across multiple platforms but weren’t structured to do so:

What we did…

Established cross-functional teams and lean-agile processes that allowed teams to continuously improve and maximize the value delivered to customers:

How did it do?

We’ve recorded improvements in code quality, ticket cycle time, predictability, and collaboration on simple and complex initiatives across all teams that participated.

Our Agile services continue to be leveraged by this organization and we are trusted trainers, coaches, and partners to the IT and business leadership groups. As their existing teams mature, we will spread lean-agile practices across this company’s Information & Technology organization. By adopting Agile, they stand to see significant benefits, like those stated above, above across all teams in the organization

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