October 18, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 97: Whether You’re Telling The Right Story About Your Brand

On today’s episode we are talking about whether you’re telling the right story about your brand.

Kitty Hart boasts 25 years in branding and marketing. As VP of Client Brand Experience at Heroic Productions, she leads a team of professionals in designing and producing events that convey brand stories, values, and vision. Kitty firmly believes that every brand-customer interaction, be it at corporate events, retail spaces, conference rooms, or websites, is a chance to inspire and engage. She leverages experiential marketing and design thinking to address complex business challenges, providing innovative solutions.

Episode Highlights:

  • Importance of Designing Every Interaction: Effective companies recognize the significance of designing every moment of interaction with their audience, as it directly impacts the perception of their brand.
  • Control and Consistency: To maintain a positive brand perception, companies need to control and be consistent in how their brand shows up in various instances, ensuring there is no misunderstanding about their brand.
  • Integration of Design Thinking: Successful companies have integrated design thinking into their business strategies, which is crucial for creating memorable brand experiences.
  • Listening and Adapting: Monitoring social media and conducting surveys can help companies gauge how well their brand is perceived. If people aren’t talking about the brand or are expressing negative sentiments, it may indicate the need for improvements.
  • Crafting a Clear Brand Story: Companies should craft a clear and compelling brand story, understanding their “why.” It’s essential to involve a cross-section of the organization to create and maintain a consistent brand message.
  • Shift in Perspective: To make your brand stand out, shift your focus from products and services to the results and impact on customers. Challenge the status quo and emphasize why you do what you do.
  • Design and Visuals Matter: High-quality visuals, staging, and technology are crucial for creating engaging and enjoyable corporate events. A well-designed environment enhances the learning experience.
  • Balancing Content and Engagement: Achieving a balance between informative content and enjoyable elements like entertainment and networking is essential for successful events. Keep attendees engaged and looking forward to future events.

Kitty’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Importance of being consistent with your brand no matter what size company you are. 
  2. Think about the delivery of your product or service. Observe how the delivery is designed from beginning to end (words, visuals, behaviors, etc.)
  3. Every single brand can use experiential marketing effectively. Look outside of your industry to see what brands are doing, take note of what you find interesting, and see how you can apply it to your business. 

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