Corporate CPR Episode 9: The Critical Role of Data Quality in AI Development with Eric Daimler

October 6, 2021

Dr. Eric Daimler is an authority in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has co-founded six technology companies and is currently the founder and CEO of Connexus AI; A company spun out of MIT that addresses the most significant unsolved problem in computer science.  

As a frequent speaker, lecturer, and commentator, Daimler empowers communities and citizens to leverage AI and robotics for a more sustainable, secure, and prosperous future. 

Having experienced AI in the broadest possible perspective from academia to business and policy, Dr. Eric has a unique outlook from which to consider the potential problems concerning the future of AI and help frame the debate about possible solutions.

In our interview today, Dr. Eric and I discussed why it’s vital that we all embrace the use of technology in our lives and businesses. We discuss the pros and cons of different database solutions alongside how organizations can fix common problems related to data. 

Other topics Dr. Eric and I cover include:

  • Why data is the foundation of the future
  • The future of fintech in relation to data. 
  • Policy and protection: how we can keep our data secure. 
  • Learning to be precise when dealing with databases. 
  • Categorically organizing our data. 
  • Stacking automation in business processes. 

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