Corporate CPR Episode 81: How To Future Proof Your People And Your Company

May 31, 2023

On today’s show we talk about how to future proof your people and your company.

Antonio Garrido has over twenty-five years in senior leadership positions with world-class businesses. He is an expert in leadership transformation: shaping high-performance leaders out of highly stressed and overworked leaders. Antonio blends his own vast commercial experience with proven techniques to embed a unique brand of leadership development. He is a serial entrepreneur, successful business coach, charismatic speaker, and leader from small private businesses, right up to Fortune-60 size. Antonio’s latest book, My Daily Leadership: A Powerful Roadmap for Leadership Success, takes a deep dive into the most important habits, beliefs, and competencies needed to forever transform the way leaders think, behave, and lead.


  • Having a clear understanding of what makes a bad leader is essential for modeling effective leadership. By identifying and avoiding the characteristics of bad leadership, we can strive to be better leaders ourselves and create a positive work environment.
  • Self-reflection and daily evaluation are crucial for leadership growth. By consistently asking ourselves if we’ve earned our money and if we’ve tried our best, we can hold ourselves accountable and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Effective leaders possess a high level of self-awareness and engage in reflexive and reflective practices. This helps them identify areas for improvement, adjust, and achieve better outcomes for their teams and organizations.
  • Journaling can be a valuable tool for leadership development. By studying successful individuals across various fields who practice journaling, we can recognize its benefits and explore different approaches to incorporate it into our own routines.
  • Wisdom comes from evaluated experience, not just time served. Leaders should understand their knowledge and skills need continuous development.
  • Building resilience and adaptability are crucial aspects of future-proofing. By establishing flexible processes, fostering a culture of innovation, and embracing change, businesses can position themselves to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities in evolving markets.
  • Technology, such as AI and chatbots, is revolutionizing the way we work and interact. Keeping abreast of technological advancements and leveraging them appropriately can give businesses a competitive edge and contribute to their long-term sustainability.
  • Embracing insights and aha moments. Insights can either occur naturally or be developed as a muscle through regular practice and deliberate effort.
  • Future-proofing also involves developing leaders at all levels of the organization. By investing in leadership development programs, nurturing talent, and creating a learning culture, companies can cultivate a pipeline of capable leaders who can drive innovation and guide the organization through future challenges.
  • Encourage constant learning and adaptation: leaders should consistently learn from their experiences and apply those learnings to adapt their strategies and approaches. It promotes the idea of daily reflection and regular examination of what can be done better.
  • Make learning a regular part of the organization’s culture that is integrated into the organizational culture consistent practice rather than a sporadic event.
  • Strategic planning, where leaders explore different possibilities and potential outcomes, should be an ongoing and dynamic process rather than a once-a-year event. This approach helps to develop a living and adaptable strategic plan that goes beyond a once-a-year exercise and enables proactive decision-making.
  • Encourage a culture of asking for and offering help – build a collaborative culture where individuals are encouraged to ask for help when needed and offer assistance to others. This promotes a supportive environment where resources, knowledge, and effort are shared to achieve collective goals.
  • Collaboration is a critical aspect of future-proofing organizations, going beyond cooperation to a culture of shared resources and mutual support. Building a collaborative culture starts from the top, with leaders fostering an environment where people are encouraged to ask for help and offer assistance.

Top 3 Takeaways:


  1. Start journaling to increase your self-awareness – go to to help start journaling.
  2. Take a subjective assessment to find your weaknesses and strengths.
  3. Encourage people to collaborate to make the world a better place.

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