May 23, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 80: How to Get Your Company to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

On today’s show we talk about how to get your company to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Quinn Curtis has spent the last 15+ years rocking juicy brand and marketing strategy for startups, cool causes, small & large businesses, inspiring entrepreneurs, network marketers, authors, speakers, politicians, e-commerce, charter schools, creatives, and non-profits. Career highlights include leading branding & marketing for a local boutique company to go from near bankruptcy to industry leader with a cult following, helping an amazing no-name Utahn get elected as Head of the Utah Democratic Party, and bring on speed-dial for many multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs whom she’s helped to scale their businesses and brands.

Key Takeaways

What’s a purple cow and how can one go about finding one?

  • It’s about finding clarity on what makes you special and unique. There’s a level of clarity about what makes a company special, that’s hard to find when you are in the trenches. A lot of companies ask for help finding their purple cow (like it’s out there), but it’s usually right inside their heart and vision that they’ve had all along.          
  • Every company needs their three uniques:
    • 1 or 2 might be the same as another company, but not all three. It’s the combination that’s the purple cow to the business. 
  • Companies often overlook what makes them special. It’s good for leaders to think about what they think is special about the company. 

What are some of the ways you help company’s find their purple cow?

  • Take a day to reset and have a vision day. What do we want this business to look like now and in the future. What lights me up as the business owner?
  • Getting it down on a whiteboard is important. What unique qualities do we want to claim?
  • Important to put your stake in the sand and claim who you are. This is what can become a vision statement and the core values. 
  • Getting clarity is the hardest part, once you’re clear, you just need to spread the word about it. 

How do stand out when it feels like every company says the same thing?

  • A lot of times they are saying the same thing, but the nuances can be different. 
  • Get really clear about your target market. A lot of your purple cow comes from how clear you are about your target market. You can’t communicate to everyone. 
  • Let people experience your company – don’t just say things at them. 

How do you find your target market?

  • Do research. Leverage AI to do this research to confirm your target market, not find it. 
  • A business’ success is based on how well it can connect to the hearts of their target market.
  • Don’t go after a target market just because there seems to be a lot of opportunity there, focus on what you like the most about your company.
  • Just because a market seems saturated doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity there – you just must be clear about what your product does different and home in on that.  

How do you see AI disrupting marketing in general?

  • This is a HOT topic. There’s only going to be more and more AI in the future. 
  • We’re moving into a space where creativity is the new currency. Knowledge is cheap. Creativity is a new muscle. AI can mimic it, but it can’t replace it. 
  • Humans can be empathetic and connect to people’s hearts, and AI can only take inputs it gets. 
  • The emphasis of our education and society should be on creativity, emotional intelligence and problem-solving not just getting the right answer (that’s easy to do with technology). 
  • AI is going to push us to operate on a higher level of ethics.

What’s most impactful to rise about the noise?

  • Look at your funnel – what is your marketing to sale process. Make sure your bottom funnel is on track. 
  • Video is a key place to explore– not many businesses are leveraging video well and there is a lot of opportunity there. 
  • Test your message using a free platform like TikTok to try out talking organically about your brand.

Top 3 takeaways

  • Don’t be intimidated by a crowded marketplace. Just show up to serve. 
  • You don’t have to use all the platforms. Figure out what works best for your company.
  • Quality of quantity always wins. People will notice. 

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