February 1, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 65: User-Centric Innovations

On today’s show, we discuss how to develop an organizational strategy for user-centric innovations.

Prior to founding UXReactor, Satyam Kantamneni led various in-house design organizations such as Citrix and PayPal. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Satyam realized that most businesses aren’t leveraging the full power of User Experience (UX) Design as an engine for strategic growth. So, he resolved to change that. Through UXReactor, Satyam demonstrated that UX can and should drive enterprise-wide innovation and business outcomes. UXReactor has enabled its clients-partners to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue from user-cen- tered innovation. Satyam is passionate about user-centered innovation and he is authoring a book titled User Experience Playbook: A Practical to Fuel Business Growth, which will be released in April 2022.

Key Takeaways:

4 questions to ask anyone in the organization to see if you are user-centric:

  • Who are your top users?
  • What are their top pain points and needs?
  • What are YOU doing about it?
  • What is the measure of success?

Successful organizations have the:

  • Right people
  • Following the right processes
  • With the right mindset
  • In the right environment

Getting feedback from users requires the right people. Researching is not just talking to users. There are three types of research:

  • Formative research – Understanding what the pain points are that are not being articulated.
  • Validation research – Making sure what we have built is validated with users in a consistent manner.
  • Sensorial research – Constantly tracking the satisfaction level of the users.

How do you cross the gap between what the user thinks they want and what they really need?

  • Focus on the users’ behavior vs what they are saying.
  • Observe them. Spend time with them, and propose something really useful for them.
  • Create a way to experiment and validate your solution.

How to balance innovation and stability

  • Run experiments from a user-centric perspective.
  • Vigorously act on the results in a way that is measurable.

Should you ever focus on your competition, rather than your user?

Know your competition, but focus on how what they are doing relates to what your users care about.

Top Takeaways:

  • A user-centric innovation or mindset is a success formula. Keep leveraging it and activate around it.
  • Focus on having the right people following the right processes with the right mindset in the right environment.
  • Experiment with this in an effective and deliberate manner or you may end up just reacting to the competition.

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Book: User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth

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