January 26, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 64: How to Have an Effective Revenue Strategy

On today’s show, we discuss how to have an effective revenue strategy.

Falkon CEO and Co-founder Mona Akmal is a product and engineering veteran who builds resourceful, kind, and output-driven teams that create and scale success-enabling products. With a passion for crafting elegant solutions to technically difficult problems, she has grown teams, businesses, and many products at Microsoft, Amperity,, and Zulily.

The impact of Mona’s work includes ramping from $0 to $11M in ARR and 15 household brands as happy customers at Amperity; from 10M to 100M students learning computer science on the platform; and from 1M to 1B docs in the cloud with OneDrive and Office.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engineering and Business intersect by focusing on
    • efficiency
    • balancing the entire equation with analytical thinking
    • processing many variables to optimize an engine/business
  • Challenges facing organizations in the Go To Market space
    • Siloed points of view. Various departments focused only on their departmental issues, and not net revenue retention.
    • Teams focused on execution and not thinking long-term.
    • Misunderstanding of the purpose of culture and operating principles.
  • Indicators of a silo problem
    • Ask different teams why they are not performing and they blame each other.
    • Conflict between senior leadership.
  • How to fix the problem
    • Executive leadership members are the neutral parties and need to do a good job of having a great data strategy, so there is a system of truth.
    • Have shared objectives.
    • Bottoms up feedback. Have conversations with average employees to gain non-digital data – very valuable perspectives. This will help gain a more full picture of the truth.
  • Recommendations for key metrics to focus on
    • Input metrics – who you are targeting, how you are targeting them.
    • Marketing activities and ROI on campaigns and channels.
    • Sales development activities – conversion numbers.
    • Employee productivity – cost vs output.
  • Recommendations for accurate and effective data
    • Data has to be directionally accurate. Focus on the trends, not the details.
    • Invest in operations – marketing and revenue.
    • Make employees’ lives easier by investing in the tools that will help them be productive.
  • AI trends within GTM
    • Conversational intelligence and coaching driven by AI.
    • Data governance – anomaly detection and data cleaning driven by AI.
    • AI GTM intelligence tools that will look at massive amounts of activity data and pinpoint the key things to focus on to maximize your revenue engine.

Top Takeaways:

  • Reflect on whether your objectives and key results as a senior leader are representative of a silo or not. Make sure you are also focused on revenue.
  • Invest in a good data strategy and spend 50% of your time focusing on the future.

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