Corporate CPR Episode 33: Strategies for Improving Employee Retention with Richard Huffman

March 30, 2022

Richard Huffman is the CEO and Founder of Celebree School. He started Celebree School in 1994 and over the course of two decades, grew the brand from a single owned preschool into Maryland’s largest, privately held chain of childcare centers. In 2019, Huffman expanded the Celebree School brand into a franchise model and after just two years, he has been able to award 60 new franchise territories in that time. The franchise brand has already received numerous industry accolades, including the 2021 Fran-Tastic 500 Award by FranServe, and is on track to open to 100 new schools by 2025.

On today’s show, we discuss how employee retention ties back to the bigger vision of the company.

Key takeaways

  • Employee retention begins with hiring quality people. Find the right people, then find the right place for them. Focus on core competencies in the interview process.
  • How to create loyalty in your employee base
    • Overcommunicate both the vision and the progress toward it
    • Celebrate consistently and at all levels
    • Invest in your employee’s individual growth plan, both for their specific position and their career.
  • Top 3 tips for retaining employees
    • Share what the company stands for, where it’s headed, and what the employee’s part is in that.
    • Have an excellent strategy for achieving the goals, putting proper resources in place, including capital and people.
    • Hold people accountable to goals, providing growth opportunities and celebrating wins.

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