January 10, 2024

Corporate CPR Episode 104: How To Help Your Employees Become More Resilient

On today’s episode we are talking about how to help your employees become more resilient. 

Michele Phillips is a seasoned corporate trainer and transformational personal coach. As President of Key Performance and award-winning author of ‘Happiness is a Habit,’ Michele has shaped a fulfilling 23-year entrepreneurial career. Her impact extends globally, guiding Fortune 500 companies like TAG Heuer and Pfizer. Michele excels in one-on-one coaching, seamlessly integrating neuroscience, habit formation, and positive psychology to elevate happiness and performance. With a Master’s in Organizational Development from Fordham University, Michele’s expertise is honed by certifications and mentorship. A sought-after writer and speaker, her book ranked among Amazon’s top self-help books in 2017.

Episode Highlights:

  • Empowerment and Recognizing Inner Power: The speaker underscores the importance of empowering individuals to recognize and utilize their inner power, asserting that everyone possesses more power than they realize.
  • Three-Pronged Approach in Corporate Training: The speaker employs a three-pronged approach in corporate training, including training workshops, individual coaching, and result evaluation to ensure employees make a positive impact.
  • Continuous Improvement in Project Management: Emphasizing the dynamic nature of project management, the content stresses the importance of continuous improvement, adaptability, and regular reflection, encouraging a commitment to learning from both successes and failures.
  • Results-Focused Agile Leadership: The speaker advocates for a results-focused approach in leadership, emphasizing regular assessment of project phases, adoption of agile methodologies, and investment in professional development for project teams.
  • Resilient Leadership and Preparedness: Leaders who value development and provide ongoing support, including training, coaching, and resources, contribute to building resilience in teams. Additionally, preparing employees for economic uncertainty involves keeping skills updated and fostering an adaptable mindset.

Michele’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Ask yourself, if you want your business to grow 30%, what are you doing to grow your people 30%?
  2. As a leader, make sure you have the propensity to develop other people.
  3. Invest in training and coaching. 

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