December 13, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 101: Why You Might Be Killing Innovation Within Your Organization

On today’s episode we are talking about why you might be killing innovation within your organization. 

Robyn Bolton, Founder of MileZero, collaborates with medium to large businesses, guiding them through uncertainty to drive revenue growth. With a focus on innovation, she transforms deep customer insights into viable businesses, having worked with notable companies such as Medtronic and Teachers Pay Teachers. Formerly a Partner at Innosight, she served Global 1000 firms, including Nike and Nestle, shaping new markets and business models. Robyn, an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, began her career at Procter & Gamble, leading the North American launch of Swiffer. A respected thought leader, her articles on innovation appear in major publications, and she frequently speaks on topics like Intrapreneurship and Design Thinking. 

Episode Highlights:

Strategic Innovation for Growth: Innovation is pivotal for organizational growth, addressing the “growth gap” and maintaining competitiveness in dynamic markets.

Adapting to Rapid Change: Established companies face the challenge of adapting to accelerated technological change, necessitating quicker innovation cycles for sustained relevance.

Clear Definition Drives Alignment: A shared and clear definition of innovation is essential to align diverse perceptions within organizations, ensuring cohesive efforts.

Diversified Portfolio Approach: Success in innovation requires a balanced portfolio encompassing incremental, adjacent, and transformative approaches, each demanding specific structures for optimal execution.

Leadership’s Dual Mandate: Leaders play a pivotal role in maintaining operational efficiency while fostering the adaptability essential for driving and sustaining innovation initiatives.

Robyn’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Leaders, the tension you feel between operating and innovating is real. You goal now is to figure out how to live with that tension and both operate and innovate in the best way for your organization. 
  2. Innovation isn’t an event. It can start with one, but make sure you have a plan for how to keep the momentum going. 
  3. Get really good at incremental innovation and set up a separate team and structure to focus on adjacent innovation.

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