Workforce Dimensions: Work From Home, Improve Your Overall Bottom Line

October 15, 2022

A beneficial side effect of the pandemic could be companies and employees growing accustomed to working from home. Many new studies show workers tend to be more productive while working remotely. Still, managers need to know they’re getting peak production from their staff. That’s why Kronos/UKG Workforce Dimensions is fast becoming the preferred tool in workforce management. The question is: how does this time management software keep employees happy and management satisfied?

What Is Kronos/UKG Workforce Dimensions?

This time-management software from a company that started out manufacturing time clocks is designed to make it easy for employees to punch in and out and show their work using various internet-accessible devices. Dimensions is fully cloud-based and secure with flexible scheduling capability and customizable data management, accessible from a wide range of devices.

How Do Dimensions’ Features Improve Workforce Management?


Dimensions tracks employees’ clocking in and out, as well as breaks and mealtime. The latter should be especially appealing to Oregon, Washington, and California companies, where labor law imposes fines on employers who do not ensure their staff takes timely meal breaks.


Data flows from the scheduling hub rather than from individual timecards, providing managers with a perfect overview and allowing them to work from a single tab. Special features allow employees to swap shifts independently and set their own schedules, while managers can pre-set standards such as job certification. This combination is ideal in healthcare environments where employees require extremely flexible scheduling but only specially trained people are qualified to assume some tasks.

Dimensions’ centralized scheduling also eases the headache of dealing with requests for vacation and personal time. Supervisors can immediately see whether these requests can be accommodated rather than being forced to jump from screen to screen.

Data Collection and Automation

Managing information requires two things: that data be entered and distributed. Dimensions software is accessible from company time clocks, automated kiosks, and personal devices, including smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Staff and supervisors can access Dimensions from wherever an internet signal is available.

Integrating your Dimensions software with payroll, human resources, and other relevant solutions allows workforce data to flow to the necessary destinations. Managers can easily track work hours, ensure that all shifts are covered, and identify any employees who are arriving late, leaving early, or missing their shifts entirely while being able to cope with fluctuating leave policies in the wake of COVID-19.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Dimensions is fully customizable to your business, allowing various departments to adapt it to their particular needs while operating in a centralized framework. That adaptability extends to employees, as well. Individuals can track their time and workload according to their needs. As simple and adaptable as Dimensions is, human error will always exist. Mistakes will be made. Managers will be reassured by how easy it is to recognize and correct manual errors within the Dimensions system.

Software that can remedy issues with downtime and interdepartmental inefficiencies, and meet the needs of a changing work-scape can be invaluable to companies of all sizes. Learn more about how Dimensions and other workforce tools can improve your bottom line. Schedule an introductory call with Project Genetics now.

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