Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in UKG Dimensions

May 15, 2023

UKG Dimensions is a robust data analytics platform with advanced features for automating scheduling and compliance. UKG’s Dimensions software allows you to quickly visualize your company’s performance by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. Furthermore, you can even engage in predictive analytics by creating “what-if” scenarios so that you can make solid contingency plans. How can you use this tool to improve your KPIs across the board?

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in UKG Dimensions

A Big Data Dashboard for All Your KPIs

When you log into Dimensions, you’ll be greeted by a dashboard that gives you information about the KPIs that you select. Individual users can customize their dashboards to get the information that’s most relevant to their area. This means that managers can see the big picture while operators see information about their own work and how to improve it.

Dimensions is especially useful for KPIs related to time management and finances. Consider how you can take advantage of Dimensions and use insights to boost these KPIs more effectively.

Cycle Time KPIs

Dimensions tracks user activity on specific tasks. This data is not meant to be used as a hard measurement of employee productivity; rather, the idea is to determine how long things take to get done. You can use this information to determine which tasks consume the most time and possibly remove bottlenecks from your processes. In addition, you can leverage this data to give your customers realistic expectations as to when their jobs should be finished.

Cycle time KPIs are also very helpful for scheduling staff and hiring. You can experiment in Dimensions to see how time-to-completion will change depending on the number of workers assigned. If a major new client comes in with a massive work order, you could determine how many more people would be needed to get the job done.

Real-Time KPIs

Because Dimensions tracks all activity in your organization, you can get real-time statistics regarding your business performance. Real-time data is best used to monitor day-to-day progress. For instance, if you notice a recurring dip on a particular day of the week, you might consider adding some incentives or activities on that day to boost productivity. An extra coffee run in the morning might be what your team needs to make those Mondays more productive.

Real-time data is also helpful for your sales department. You can set daily or weekly targets and measure your progress, motivating everyone to push towards your goals. Some companies even put these KPIs on large screens in the office so that everyone is constantly aware of real-time progress towards sales targets.

Track Financial KPIs Accurately

In addition to sales figures, you can follow your finances more closely with Dimensions. In particular, the platform does a great job of monitoring your labor expenses and demand. You can anticipate how much work a job will take and determine its labor costs. As you accrue more data, you’ll get accurate predictions, which is perfect if you need additional help at certain times of the year.

Implementing a system like Dimensions requires skill and experience. Project Genetics is a certified UKG partner that can help you with your implementation. Contact Project Genetics to speak to one of our representatives about getting Dimensions for your business.

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