Whether your projects are getting delivered after the deadline, or you’re having trouble managing all of the moving pieces in your workflow, we can help. Especially in IT, making sure that you’re efficiently delivering a high-quality, complete, on-budget project can be stressful. What you need is a leader for all of the projects, timelines, resources, and dependencies that you’re using. You need a leader to make sure you’re on budget and within scope. You need someone to oversee what you’re working on, all the way from conception to completion and delivery. There's a lot riding on your projects, and you can't afford to let this one get mis-managed.


Your IT landscape doesn’t have to be difficult or demanding. It does need to function efficiently, smoothly, and it needs to be able to stand up to your business. Too many times the company grows, and the IT systems struggle to keep up. That's not where you want your company to be when you’re trying to compete. Whether you're looking for a CRM system, debating between Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, we’ll help you make the best choice for your business. We’ll even help you implement the systems you need, if you desire. Your whole business can function seamlessly, efficiently, and smoothly. We’ll help you get there.


Industry moves fast and you need to too. We help your organization implement Agile and even scale Agile so that your IT department runs like a McLaren. We can also coach your current Agile teams through assessments and customized action plans that can elevate your team to the next level.


You need everything working together, seamlessly. When details get dropped, big mistakes are made — mistakes that cost your business valuable time and money. Not being able to keep up with the pace of business means that you can't compete. When delivering a portfolio of projects, not knowing what resources you’re using and which dependencies you have, you’re stuck. There’s nothing worse than having to put projects on hold because your pipeline is unclear. You need a system that aligns to the main objectives in your company. We take over your PMO (Project Management Office) implementation, helping you to make sense of details, schedules, processes, and systems that affect your bottom line, your profit, and your day-to-day functions as a company. You don’t even need to staff a PMO for your company. We will run your PMO from our offices. We’ll even help you build best practices, so that you can internally continue to refine your own strategies; focusing on what you do best: great IT systems.

Project Genetics’ consultants have deep expertise in complex business and project environments involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders throughout public, government, corporate, audit, legal and regulatory domains, gained through all of our project delivery work.

We are a full service Project Services company providing consulting for all aspects of project delivery, Project and Program Management, managed PMO services and estimation services.

Our philosophy is “innovation through simplicity” – We deliver world class consulting through our people within Project Management and Delivery in areas including:

  • Business strategic planning and road-mapping, the starting point for strategy implementation through projects
  • Program and Project delivery, including change management, governance, testing, data and business analysis and associated delivery of project outcomes and business benefits
  • Program and project administration and governance
  • Review of existing Project Management methods and techniques
  • Implementation of Project Management disciplines and methodologies including managed service and automation
  • Establishment of Project Management information requirements
  • Establishing Project Management governance standards from project selection, through planning to the management and reporting of progress
  • Providing Project Management support services to bring projects up to speed and standard when needed
  • Project Support Office and Project Delivery Office design, construction and roll-out, using our world-class Project methods and toolset
  • Project/Program/Portfolio Management and estimation maturity assessments
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