Keeping Employees Happy: Employee Engagement in Workforce Management

June 1, 2023

In the realm of workforce management (WFM), one factor that affects an organization’s success is employee engagement. The degree to which employees feel invested in and passionate about their jobs can impact productivity, job satisfaction, and overall business performance. As an employer, you must prioritize engagement when developing WFM solutions to improve worker productivity and reduce turnover rates.

When Workforce Management Meets Employee Engagement

A recent study shows that only 33% of employees in the US are engaged at work. These are alarming statistics, especially since high engagement has been proven to increase business profitability. One of the most effective ways to foster employee engagement is by aligning your WFM strategy with your engagement goals.

Your WFM strategy, that is, the way you allocate people and resources, track attendance, and manage schedules, should aim to keep employees engaged. If your workers are happy and satisfied, they will be more motivated to do their work, which will make management easier and more effective.

The Importance of Engaging Your Employees

Engaged employees are more motivated and productive, which leads to higher-quality work and improved results throughout the company. Engagement builds employee morale because workers feel valued and connected to the organization. This leads to job satisfaction and lower turnover rates, reducing recruitment costs and costly downtime.

Other benefits of employee engagement include:

  • Increased innovation among workers
  • Improved employee health and overall well-being
  • Better collaboration among teams
  • Stronger brand reputation among customers and investors

Overall, engaging your employees can lead to the success of your workplace culture and ultimately drive business success.

Using UKG Dimensions to Boost Employee Engagement

Technology can play a critical role in streamlining WFM and fostering employee engagement. UKG Dimensions is an automated software that streamlines workforce planning and management by handling scheduling, time tracking, analytics, compliance, and much more. Here are the ways UKG Dimensions can help keep your employees engaged:

Eliminate the Hassle of Manual Scheduling 

Manual schedules are not just time-consuming and inefficient. They also make it difficult for managers to consider employee shift preferences and availability during scheduling. As a result, employees feel ignored, a factor that promotes low productivity and high absenteeism rates.

UKG Dimensions automates the scheduling process and eliminates the inefficiencies associated with manual scheduling. An automated system simplifies scheduling and makes it easy for managers to consider employee preferences and availability. This makes workers feel heard and valued, thereby increasing their productivity and morale.

Provide Control Over Individual Work and Schedules 

The UKG Dimensions mobile app and cloud solutions allow employees to connect to work right on their phones. This provides them with better control over their individual work and schedules.

Workers can submit leave and time-off requests, swap shifts, and update availability, all from the app. This ability to efficiently manage individual schedules can significantly boost the employees’ motivation to work and deliver excellent results.

Promote and Streamline Remote Working

UKG Dimensions allow employers to embrace flexibility in the workplace. Using the app, employees can go through their schedules from home, access their time cards, and even pick up extra shifts. This flexibility promotes a better work-life balance and leads to happier and more satisfied workers.

Engaged workers are motivated and efficient, which translates into increased profitability. UKG Dimensions can streamline workforce planning and provide automated solutions to boost employee engagement. Contact Project Genetics to learn more about UKG Dimensions and how you can incorporate the software into your WFM strategy.

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