How to Ensure Your Workforce Management Strategy Can Adapt to Change

May 1, 2023

Businesses worldwide have been struggling to find the right balance between office work and working remotely since the end of the pandemic. Remote work gives companies and their staff unparalleled flexibility at the expense of some corporate culture and team synergy. Meanwhile, there are tasks that simply have to be done at the office. To keep the fine line between freedom and structure, use workforce management tools that empower your business to make smart staffing decisions.

How to Ensure Your Workforce Management Strategy Can Adapt to Change

Use the Latest Workforce Management Tools

Workforce management systems like UKG Dimensions make it much easier to manage your staff and allocate your human resources. UKG Dimensions tracks employee activity across every step of your processes, allowing you to see how well each individual is performing. You can use this data to help you determine which work methods are best for you. Perhaps your remote workers are far more productive than you initially thought!

As the needs of your business change, you’ll get recommendations for how to best staff your company. With UKG’s strategic workforce planning modules, you can ensure that the right number of people are in place given your current and upcoming workloads. The system looks to balance skill sets as well to ensure that you have the right mix of people to promote collaboration and productivity.

Automate Scheduling and Enable Flexibility

Change can happen quickly. You need a system that can react even faster. With automation, it’s possible to respond in real time to crises or unexpected circumstances. The more that your workforce management software knows about your organization, the more accurate these recommendations are. After tracking your employees’ activity for some time, the system can recommend who should take over when someone goes on sick leave, or completely shuffle assignments if an office has to shut down temporarily.

If you want to implement a flexible schedule with some days in the office and others at home, the system can recommend when to bring staff inside or indicate who is most valuable in the office. You may find that some people are more suited for in-person work while others struggle. The system will learn these patterns and make recommendations accordingly, allowing you to get the most out of your staff.

Stay Prepared for Uncertainty

Major disruptions can happen without announcement. However, you can be ready for whatever comes your way with UKG’s modeling tools. You can envision hypothetical scenarios and the system will provide recommendations for how to respond. This feature allows you to build contingency planes and emergency protocols so that your team is ready to deal with any unexpected disruptions.

Predictive features are helpful for more mundane business situations too. You can analyze what would happen if sales dropped slightly and identify employees that should be retained if you have to scale back temporarily.

Allocate the Right People to Each Task

Sometimes the best changes are the ones that you choose to make internally. You may not have the right people assigned to certain tasks. Productivity measurement allows you to see ​who performs best on certain jobs, ​allowing you to allocate your human resources more effectively. Data-driven decisions will produce better results ​than simply relying on gut feel.

Prepare your company for the future with the latest workforce management technology. Contact Project Genetics to schedule a meeting and learn more about implementing UKG Dimensions into your workflow. 

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