How to Apply Enterprise Project Management in the Real World

May 22, 2022

Enterprise project management (EPM) is simply the oversight and control of all ongoing projects within an organization. An EPM formulates a company’s overarching strategy, aligning that with departmental tactics and operations, creating an organizational synergy to efficiently achieve the desired goals while correcting inefficiencies and identifying new opportunities. An EPM can resolve several issues many companies face. Here are just three.

3 Real World Applications for Enterprise Project Management

1. Improve Efficiency Following a Merger and Acquisition

Change tends to slow people down, and there are few greater changes in business than a merger or acquisition. Recently, Elon Musk’s proposed takeover of Twitter dominated the news cycle. Speculation was rife regarding potential changes in the social media platform’s business methods and organizational structure. Imagine how that speculation would multiply when two fully staffed companies with distinct operational styles become one.
A quick, smooth transition is necessary to alleviate fears and confusion, sort out staffing issues, and devise goals and strategies for the new company. Delays can create stock prices to fall and the merger to fail. A strong EPM team is necessary to plan and implement the integration of the two companies into one. 

2. Inform Critical Decisions With Reliable, Consistent Data

In the entertainment industry, several platforms have merged in recent years. CBS and Paramount are one example, Disney and Marvel Studios another. While each studio maintains its own budget, properties, and strategies for series and film development, the umbrella organization needs to have its eye on the bigger picture (pun intended).

Each division needs to report its data in the same manner. Time is money. The amount lost converting differing departmental spreadsheets into a detailed overview could cost millions. Keeping everyone on the same page is imperative. An EPM team can install unified portfolio management to achieve that aim, enabling the streamlining of resources while simultaneously improving the capacity to plan new programs, which, in turn, drives growth and creates further opportunities.

3. Improve and Innovate Your IT Department

Every major business relies on its network in the current digital economy. Most people view IT as the people in the shadows who keep the network up and running, avoiding bottlenecks and enabling work to be delivered on time. Then there is the security team, which polices the network to repel outside threats and ensure protocol compliance within.  

Increasingly, however, companies are integrating network and security teams to great benefit. Not only does a unified NetSecOps achieve better network performance with greater cost efficiency, but it also accelerates incident detection and response while lowering risk. Solid EPM creates greater transparency across an organization, allowing IT to operate to its full potential in terms of both network maintenance and security.

Whether your company is undergoing a merger or acquisition, is simply diverse in its nature, or is getting in its own way thanks to its siloed structure, bringing in an experienced EPM team is the solution that will have everyone pulling in the same direction. Book an introductory call with Project Genetics now to learn how we can help you. 

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