Corporate CPR Episode 96: Whether You Should Be Considering Return To Work

October 4, 2023

On today’s episode we are talking about whether you should be considering return to work.

Doug Camplejohn, a seasoned tech executive and entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Airspeed, a platform for enhancing employee connections and recognition. With leadership experience at LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Salesforce, Doug is also an investor and advisor to startups. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events and is passionate about leveraging technology for innovation and improvement. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Return to Work Dynamics: The discussion on returning to work highlights diverse perspectives, including those in favor, against, and undecided on the matter.
  2. Motivations for Returning to Work: The motivations behind companies pushing for a return to the office are explored, including factors like real estate concerns, habit, and potential mistrust.
  3. Flexibility and Hybrid Work: The importance of workplace flexibility is emphasized, exemplified by Apple’s approach of making remote work an earned privilege based on performance.
  4. Fostering Connection: Strategies for fostering connection in remote and hybrid work environments are discussed, including techniques like Ice Breakers, which help team members get to know each other on a personal level beyond work-related discussions.
  5. Building Relationships and Mentorship: Building relationships in a remote work setting can be challenging, but it’s essential for mentorship and personal growth. The conversation suggests that employees should proactively seek out mentors and engage with colleagues through tools like virtual meetings and apps designed for connecting people.
  6. Remote Work Offers a Global Talent Pool:  The ability to hire talent from around the world is a major benefit of remote work. This global talent pool allows companies to find and employ individuals with the skills they need without being restricted to a specific geographic location.
  7. Work-Life Harmony: Companies should emphasize “work-life harmony” rather than “work-life balance.” Remote work allows employees to have more flexibility in managing their work schedules to accommodate personal commitments, ultimately leading to happier and more balanced lives.

Doug’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. You can’t leave culture to chance; you have to be deliberate. 
  2. Culture isn’t about words on a plaque. People are everything. 
  3. The role of startup CEOs, and even managers in larger corporations, is MVP (Money, Vision, People). 

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