Corporate CPR Episode 54: Employee Adaptability

September 28, 2022

On today’s show, we discuss employee adaptability.

Michelle Boulé is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Healer, and Dancer who helps creative leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world clarify and manifest their visions with more confidence, impact, and alignment towards their truth. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Dance Magazine, Thrive Global, Good Day DC, Her Money, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

She’s the founder of Michelle Boulé Coaching, offering online group programs, private coaching, speaking, teaching, and in-person retreats. She brings a unique methodology to personal transformation that creates profound change, drawing on everything she’s learned from her award-winning international career in dance, along with over 25 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, and spirituality.

Key Takeaways:

What are some universal laws that relate to business?

Law of cause and effect

Law of polarity

Law of vibration

Law of sacrifice

Leaders should ask themselves:

Who am I?

What is that I’m trying to create?

How can I operate with integrity?

Sometimes employees deal with a lot of negative self talk, hindering their growth. These are some good questions to ask when thinking about goals and the changes that are needed to accomplish them:

What do you want?

What are you grateful for?

Am I willing to make this change?

How do leaders support employees in being adaptable to the changes that they face?

  • Education. Have it be part of the culture. Get people thinking about what we can do to expand. Teaching people how to think is key. Knowing there is always a solution, focus on putting energy there.
  • Connection. Focus on how we connect with each other.

How do we connect these seemingly personal strategies to the business environment?

Growth happens in spaces where people are comfortable. How do we create a space where people can feel seen, whole, and comfortable? Leaders can lead with vulnerability. We create when we feel safe, just as when we were children.

These principle relate well to Ken Blanchard’s – The Seven Dynamics of Change. Let’s talk about a few.

People will feel awkward, ill at ease, and self-conscious.

Change causes employees to feel awkward and self-conscious. The confidence, knowledge, and experience of a leader will help them through the uncomfortable change to a place of safety again where they can create. Leaders should always be focused on personal development and focused on self care so they can guide the team well.

People initially focus on what they have to give up.

In order to move to something of a higher nature, you have to let go of something of a lower nature. We want to teach people to lean into faith in the unknown as a means of growth.

People can only handle so much change.

We are all different. Some thrive with change, and others fear it. We need the variety and diversity.

People going through the same change often still feel alone.

There is power in group work. When someone expresses something, others relate and feel less alone.

3 Top Takeaways:

  • What are the things I can change within myself as a leader because I know I have a role in implementing change?
  • Prioritize self care – nervous systems can settle down and become creative.
  • Have fun. How can we bring play back into our lives?

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