Corporate CPR Episode 37: How to Recruit Great Talent with Joe Mullings

April 27, 2022

On today’s show, we discuss how to breakthrough the noise to recruit great talent.

Joe Mullings has been building companies and careers for over 30 years. He founded and is Chairman & CEO of The Mullings Group, the world’s leading search firm in the medical device industry. His clients are Fortune 100 companies including Google, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Abbott, and Siemens, as well as emerging startup companies that are bringing futuristic technologies like surgical robotics, tele-robotics, artificial intelligence and Deep Learning to the market.  

Joe is also the Chief Visionary Officer of MRI Networks, the 3rd largest executive recruitment firm with 400 offices worldwide. He is also President & CEO of Dragonfly Stories, which is the production company behind the award-winning docu-series, “TrueFuture” of which he is the host and producer. Joe is also the founder of the media platform TMG360, a medtech news and opinion website. 

Key Takeaways:

What changes have we seen with the new remote workplace?

  •  Employees can work from home and work for a company located anywhere. Companies can hire employees located anywhere, expanding the market for both parties.
  •  Remote work gives fewer opportunities for community, collaboration, mentoring, and growth through coworker competition. A hybrid situation can bring some balance.

What about the perception that a remote worker may be less productive? 

  •  People who will cheat the system will do it wherever they are – at home or in the office. Hire based on character, not necessarily technical skills that can be taught.

As a leader, what strategy should I have for what my workforce is going to be?

  •  Ask yourself – Who is the customer? What are you trying to deliver? Can it be automated, outsourced, or co-sourced? What is the customer experience you are trying to deliver?
  •  Work backward. Throw away your beliefs about the past and how it has been done. Determine the MVP (minimum viable product) to deliver to the customer and how it can be accomplished. Relating to workflow, some jobs might be expanded, and some might need to be eliminated.

Top questions to answer to appeal to a rock-star recruit. Use these in your informational videos and copy on LinkedIn:

  •  What market are you in, and why is it great?
  •  How does your product or service address this market, and why is it unique?
  •  Who will I become when I come work with you? Who is the leadership I am going to hang around with every day, and what will my network be when I leave?

What are key steps a manager can take now to recruit the best people for future jobs?

  •  Find top people on LinkedIn you would love to hire. 
  •  Connect with them, tell them you are interested if and when they are looking. 
  •  Stay connected and offer them educational content.

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