Corporate CPR Episode 35: Getting Your Customer to Send You Thank You Notes with Phil Boyer

April 13, 2022

On today’s show, we discuss how to make your customer experience so good that your customers send you thank you notes.

Phil Boyer was born and raised in Michigan, and after completing a degree in physics, he began programming computers in a boutique market research start up. His career transitioned to banking and finance IT leadership focused on building and supporting advanced technologies. He started his own business, INSTANT 2290, in 2003. Having bootstrapped INSTANT 2290, he remained a “jobtrepreneur” until the business grew enough to become his full time job in 2010. Today, INSTANT 2290 is the industry-leading provider of HVUT Form 2290 e-filing software having e-filed forms for nearly 3 million vehicles and counting. Phil now lives in Austin, TX with his lovely wife of 35 years, Jacquie, and he has a son and daughter who make him proud every day.

Key Takeaways:

How to establish a customer-focused company mission/philosophy: 

  • Your unique company mission should reflect that you want a customer to leave their interaction with your company wishing there were more companies in the world like you.
  • Invest time and resources in sufficient training.
  • Celebrate specific situations where employees do it well.
  • Behaviors that are demonstrated by leadership are more likely to be taken up by your staff. Treat employees the way you want them to treat customers.

Tools to best handle customer problems: 

  • Listen carefully as the customer describes the problem without interruption.
  • Respond first with “I can help you with that.”
  • Continually redirect the focus to helping with the problem, rather than reacting to a customer’s emotion.
  • Invest in prevention. Identify common problems and develop processes to fix them. Understand that your fixes may create new problems and focus on improvement.

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