Corporate CPR Episode 24: Innovation through formal idea management with Klaus Labecki

January 19, 2022

Klaus Labecki loves processes and innovation.  

He’s an external idea manager, and supports small and medium-sized companies in ensuring that ideas from the minds of their employees enrich their company as innovations.

Klaus has worked for banks and international asset managers for over 20 years. As a process specialist and project manager, he has analyzed dozens of innovative ideas during this time and brought new processes and products into the world. This also includes the successful establishment of an internal idea management system.

In today’s episode, Klaus shared strategies for increasing corporate innovation by leading a strong system for generating and managing new ideas internally.

Key Takeaways. 

  • Why companies need a formal idea management process. 
  • Strategies to create an environment that promotes the flow of ideas.
  • How to evaluate and incorporate new ideas. 
  • The critical role that leadership plays in idea management. 
  • Why employees crave an idea management system. 

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