November 24, 2021

Corporate CPR Episode 16: Integrating Blockchain Tech in Business Processes with Carine Schneider

Carine Schneider is the President of AST Private Company Solutions, which focuses on developing technology and services solutions for private companies worldwide. 

She’s a thought leader in the financial services industry, previously serving as CEO for several successful companies, was named one of the 100 most Influential Women in Silicon Valley, was recognized in “Women to Watch” by Brown Brothers Harriman, and is a Fellow of Global Equity. 

She is an expert who can speak on the private market/equity, capable management, the future of fintech, financial literacy, the gender equity gap, and more.

On the podcast, today, Carine and I discuss the link between blockchain technology & business corporations, alongside how finance is inventing new ways to make blockchain technology more useful and reliable in business.

Key takeaways from our interview. 

  • How digital records are managed using blockchain technology. 
  • How we can impact consumer buying habits through the provision of more information.
  • Long-term business strategies that are structured alongside blockchain technology. 

Connect with Carine. 

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