Corporate CPR Episode 14: Leading sustainable change management implementations with Jake Jacobs

November 10, 2021

Jake Jacobs has spent 35 years consulting leaders of diverse industries including technology, hospitality, entertainment, and finance. Having worked with 96 organizations from small nonprofits to Fortune 50 enterprises, he has implemented numerous change initiatives from culture change, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership transitions.

In this interview, we discuss the challenges companies face when navigating change initiatives and strategies to lead sustainable change management implementations.

Key Takeaways from today’s interview. 

  • Change must be combined with continuity to be sustainable.
  • Rather than focusing on “what’s in it for me?” consider engaging the team in a process of developing a collective future to determine what’s great for the whole organization.
  • Employees are often on board with change if they feel heard during the process. If some individuals seem opposed to change, engage them in the process to understand those perspectives and find solutions.

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