Corporate CPR Episode 13: Assessing your employer value proposition for long-term retention with Stephen Kohler

November 3, 2021

Stephen Kohler, is an intuitive founder and CEO. He is a university of Chicago MBA trained executive with P&L experience who led global marketing and strategy departments for several blue chip & industry leading brands such as Weber, Kraft, and Shure.

Stephen founded Audira to help people find clarity, direction and purpose in their work. He talks about Audira and discusses why they believe the most powerful foundational leadership skill is listening.

Key Takeaways from today’s interview. 

  • How the pandemic has shed light on why it’s important for organizations to truly listen to their employees. 
  • Embracing the digital culture of working from anywhere.
  • Why it’s important for organizations to be clear on what they stand for and believe in. 
  • Employee engagement, and how involving employees in decision making will help retain great talent. 

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