June 19, 2024

Corporate CPR Episode 126: How Not Understanding AI Might Be Killing Your Company

On today’s episode we are talking about how not understanding AI might be killing your company.

Ajay Malik, former Head of Architecture/Engineering for Worldwide Corporate Network at Google, is a technologist, business futurist, and prolific inventor with over 100 patents in AI, Wi-Fi networking, quantum computing, and real-time location. He has founded and sold multiple startups, led a public company exit, and served as a Section 16 officer. Ajay authored several books, including “RTLS for Dummies,” “Augmented Reality for Dummies,” “Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Networking,” and “First God, Then Man, Now AI – Shapes within Time Space.” Currently, he is the CEO of SECO MIND USA LLC, which develops StudioX, a leading enterprise AI platform. Ajay has also held executive roles at Meru Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, and Motorola, and holds a B.E. in Computer Science & Technology from IIT Roorkee, India.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The primary benefit of AI for organizations is the significant improvement in productivity and efficiency. This is particularly important in the current economic climate where maximizing efficiency is crucial.
  • AI plays a vital role in knowledge management, especially as organizations face workforce turnover. AI can help capture and disseminate knowledge efficiently, aiding in training new employees and preserving institutional knowledge.
  • While AI tools like ChatGPT offer significant benefits, they also pose security risks. Organizations need to be cautious about data privacy and implement strong policies and encryption measures to protect sensitive information when using AI tools.
  • AI is expected to automate many job functions, leading to a significant shift in the job market. Jobs that can be performed remotely and those involving repetitive tasks are at high risk of automation. However, people-oriented jobs and roles requiring complex human interactions are less likely to be replaced by AI in the near future.
  • The future will see a model where AI performs the bulk of the work, with humans providing essential oversight and decision-making. Individuals who can effectively use AI to enhance their productivity will thrive, emphasizing the need for critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the AI-driven workplace.

Top Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Embrace AI for Growth: If you are not thinking about AI or using AI for your personal or business growth, it’s time to start. People or businesses won’t be replaced by AI itself but by those who leverage AI effectively.
  2. Implement and Normalize AI Usage: Make AI usage a policy or initiative within your organization. Use AI with proper controls in place. Adopt a balanced approach where the first 15% of work is done manually, the next 70% with AI assistance, and the final 15% manually again. This method enhances productivity while maintaining critical thinking skills.
  3. Learn from Others and Experiment: Don’t hesitate to ask others about their AI practices and learn from them. Conduct small proof-of-concept projects to explore AI’s potential in your organization or personal life. This experimentation can lead to improved velocity and quality with minimal investment.

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