May 29, 2024

Corporate CPR Episode 123: How Missing The Mark On Human-Centric Selling Might Be Killing Your Company

On today’s episode we are talking about how missing the mark on human-centric selling might be killing your company.

Kayvon Kay is a speaker, sales expert, CEO of The Sales Connection, and the creator of the Human-Centric Selling methodology that helps sales reps and individuals transform their sales success for a lifetime of growth. His sales journey began early, thrust into a world of competitive, outcome-driven tactics. While others focused on transactions, Kayvon saw the value in genuine human connections. By prioritizing relationships over sales, he quickly became the #1 pharmaceutical sales rep. Unfulfilled in the corporate world, Kayvon faced existential questions, using adversity as a steppingstone to self-awareness and mastery. His philosophy shifted to emphasize authenticity and self-belief.

Episode Highlights:

  • Changing the Narrative of Sales: The perception of sales needs to shift from being sleazy and transactional to focusing on genuine human connections and problem-solving. This change is essential because sales are fundamental to business success, despite being one of the most disliked professions.
  • Human-Centric Selling: A three-step methodology for human-centric selling includes aligning the salesperson’s mindset and energy, building deep, authentic relationships with clients, and being intrinsically motivated and passionate about their work. These steps make sales about the client rather than the salesperson, leading to better performance and resilience.
  • Effective Sales Training and Assessment: Traditional sales training methods are often ineffective without ongoing support and the right approach. Focusing on the individual salesperson’s internal state and commitment to the product, along with using assessments and metrics, ensures that salespeople are in the right roles and have the necessary skills and conviction.
  • Business Owners as the Sales Team: If you are a business owner without a dedicated sales team, you must assume the role of the sales team yourself. Everything you desire in life involves making a sale, and everything you achieve is like earning a commission, making sales a critical skill for success.
  • Effective Follow-Up Strategy: Effective follow-up requires a balance between persistence and tact, utilizing various methods such as texting, calling, emailing, and social media interactions. The key is to maintain a personalized and timely connection, rather than relying solely on automated systems, to build meaningful relationships and increase sales success.

Top Takeaway for the Audience:

“Stop selling from your head and start selling from your heart.”

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