Corporate CPR Episode 12: Assessing PR Risk in Politically Charged Environments With Phoenix Jackson

October 27, 2021

Phoenix Jackson is an award-winning social entrepreneur, tech investor,

author, and speaker. She’s also the founder and Chief Communications Officer of Phoenix Effect, a 16-year-old global Public Relations and Marketing firm. 

Passionate about empowering her clients to be influential through entrepreneurship, Phoenix has worked with many small business owners, nonprofits, professional athletes, entertainers, authors, speakers, and politicians in helping them manifest their business goals.

Our social media environment has made it more common to see companies face disparaging conversations on social media. In our interview, we discussed how companies could effectively handle negative press from social media and strategies to avoid facing these issues in the first place.

Key takeaways from our conversation today include:

  • Why social media has exacerbated an existing cultural trend of spreading negative stories before confirming accuracy.
  • Tips for assessing risk when navigating politically charged company decisions.
  • Best practices for responding to negative reviews and angry customers. 

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