January 3, 2024

Corporate CPR Episode 103: How Playing It Safe Might Be Killing Your Company

On today’s episode we are talking about how playing it safe might be killing your company. 

John Miller is the Founder of Scribewise, a dynamic content marketing agency dedicated to aiding B2B firms and healthcare providers in achieving growth through thought leadership and demand generation. His team of writers, designers, and strategists excels in humanizing complex business conversations by crafting and disseminating compelling, audience-focused content. With a firm belief in courageous marketing, John advocates for breaking free from the mundane and injecting excitement into the business world. His passion extends to his book, a manifesto at, aimed at inspiring marketers and companies to adopt a bold and impactful mindset.

Episode Highlights:

Courageous Marketing Manifesto: The book, “Playing It Safe Sucks, A Courageous Marketing Manifesto,” challenges the prevailing mindset of playing it safe, emphasizing the importance of making companies stand out, build credibility, and trust.

Assessing Risk and Timing: Delving into the concept of risk in marketing, the discussion highlights the importance of assessing the right time for bold marketing moves and the need for internal champions to push innovative ideas.

B2B Marketing Focus: The conversation underscores the distinctive aspects of B2B marketing, emphasizing the longer consideration cycle and the need to build trust at scale rather than merely focusing on website traffic or SEO.

Effective Communication within Organizations: Addressing the challenges of communicating courageous marketing ideas within organizations, the emphasis is on starting small with experiments, proving concepts, and gradually expanding initiatives. Internal champions and alignment with company culture are vital.

Navigating Uncertain Times: The discussion challenges the “Playing It Safe” mentality during uncertain times, urging marketers not to give in to the temptation of playing small. It encourages finding ways to bring innovative ideas to market, even in the face of internal politics and red tape.

John’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Be courageous in your marketing.
  2. For B2B companies, let go of your obsession with website traffic and SEO.
  3. Don’t follow trends or follow the masses. Focus on figuring out your message and audience instead. 

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