December 20, 2023

Corporate CPR Episode 102: How Lack Of Alignment Within Your Organization Might Be Stunting Your Growth

On today’s episode we are talking about how lack of alignment within your organization might be stunting your growth. 

Jim Stevenson, Founder and CEO of Bletchley Group, an International Growth Consultants firm, specializes in Strategy, Transformation, and Growth. Committed to making growth the focus of strategy, he excels in creating customer-centric plans, go-to-market strategies, and aligning capabilities for revenue growth. As the visionary behind Tech Startup Machine, Jim collaborates with global brands and startups, providing digital services, from e-commerce to brand protection. Noteworthy clients include Guardian News, Bacardi, and Hilton Hotels. A Thought Leader and Speaker on Digital Strategies, Marketing, and Business, Jim’s specialties encompass Strategy, Transformation, and Growth. His versatile roles include Interim/Fractional Chair, CEO, Leader, Consultant, or Coach.

Episode Highlights:

Cultural Foundation: A strong, shared culture is foundational for a growing company’s success. Maintaining this culture becomes challenging as organizations expand, but it is crucial to prevent the formation of silos that hinder overall alignment and productivity.

Vision and Leadership Alignment: Continuous emphasis on the North Star or overarching vision is vital for a growing organization. Lack of alignment at the leadership level, including the board, CEO, and C-suite, can lead to divergent objectives and hinder overall progress.

OKRs for Strategic Alignment: Implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a powerful strategy for aligning teams with overarching company goals. Focusing on challenging OKRs, cascaded from the top down, ensures a balance between aspiration and achievability.

Testing and Learning: Embracing a mindset of continuous testing and learning is crucial, especially for smaller entrepreneurial companies. Setting a clear time horizon for metrics and accepting the possibility of mistakes are key to the learning process.

Start Small for Big Impact: Initiating change through smaller, impactful projects can have a significant effect when steering a large organization. Proving success on a small scale generates enthusiasm and paves the way for broader and more significant transformations.

Jim’s Top 3 Takeaways for the Audience:

  1. Culture is a big thing.
  2. Alignment at all levels of the organization is critical.
  3. Focus on executive sponsorship. 

How to Connect with Jim:

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