Corporate CPR Episode 77: The Power of Perspective

May 2, 2023

On today’s show we talk about the power of perspective.

Robin Osborn has a 33-year history of being at the helm of her small family business in Southern California. Her remarkable entrepreneurial journey started at the young age of 21! She managed over 40 employees with a current employee retention record of over 30+ years. She has an intuitive understanding of both the employee’s and customer’s needs.

As a consultant, she provides the secrets to strengthening key components of a business. She helps leaders discover a simple yet powerful way to run a company providing a path for more focus, more growth, and more enjoyment. 

Key Takeaways

How we get ahead of fire fighting in organizations?

  • Executive should focus on prioritizing and delegating tasks. This will free up time to work through problems as they arise. 
  • Take time to understand the actual problem. 

What do you do about false alarm emergencies? 

  • Utilize DISC. Powerful tool to create cohesiveness and understanding of each leader. DISC helps to understand the 4 different communication styles. 
  • Understand leaders do things at their own pace. Some are not ok with being open and honest about what they cannot do, and this can create perceived crisis in organizations. 
  • Focus on the outcome first. An issue can have many different issues wrapped inside of it but what are we actually solving? 
  • Avoid the crazy 8, when everyone is spinning around without really understanding the problem. 
  • Make a decision while also training everyone around you to help solve the problem. Delegation is critical to avoiding fires. 

How to get to root cause of the problems organizations face?

  • Create better meetings. Meetings should always have a clear agenda. 
  • Use 5 WHY? Ask Why 5 times. This helps to get curious and dive into problem solving.
  • Have difficult conversations. 

Why do people avoid have difficult conversations?

  • They do not feel safe having them. Leaders need to a culture of trust even in conflict. 
  • Leadership needs to be comfortable with difficult conversations first. Then this filters down through the org. 

How do you turn around unhealthy behaviors from employees without seeming negative?

  • Base your feedback on the company values. Review and reward on those values. 
  • Show you care about your people and consistently let them in on what they are doing well. 
  • Ask open ended questions to let them know where you’re coming from.  
  • Be impeccable with your word. The more a leader is willing to be the change themselves and working on improving themselves the better they can connect and lead others. 

How can an organization hire more for culture as well as skill set?

  • Be clear during hiring process about the core values of the company.
  • Ask potential employees open questions about their values to make sure they’re a good fit for the org. 
  • Interview with the right questions. 
  • Really listen to the answers to get a good pulse of where the potential employee is. 
  • Avoid hiring too fast. Take time and do multiple interviews if needed. 

How do you approach someone with a different conversation style?

  • Refer to the Five Dysfunctions. First, we must have the foundation of trust. Then we do want healthy conflict in a team to make good decisions. 
  • Make the space safe to disagree and make sure everyone knows conflict is not personal. 
  • Start recognizing the conversation styles of others. Make an effort to come to another person’s communication style to get better outcomes. 

Top Takeaways

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re in alignment with your values.
  • Aspire to be your best self. 
  • To learn more about DISC check out Robin’s website at

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