6 Questions That Should Be Answered in a Project Recovery Plan

September 1, 2022

There are many components to a successful project recovery plan that need to be implemented in order to successfully get a project back on track. Here are some questions you should be able to answer when developing your recovery plan.

6 Questions That Should Be Answered in a Project Recovery Plan

1. Is Recovery Necessary?

Before beginning to plan out your steps to recover a project, it can be worth examining whether or not the project is worth recovering in the first place. It may be that the goal of the project is no longer valid or the costs of recovery outweigh the value of the project to the point that recovery isn’t feasible. Be sure to have a clear vision of how the project will be beneficial before undergoing efforts to recover it.

2. What Is the Project’s Scope?

Having clearly defined goals and sticking to them is essential for the success of a project. However, the scope of a project can often change over time as more people with different visions become involved in the project. Try to limit this wherever possible by figuring out what the original goal of the project was and sticking to that goal in all your efforts.

3. Who Is Involved in the Project?

As part of understanding the scope of a project, it’s important to determine exactly which members of your team will be involved in the recovery process. Developing an organization chart with clearly-defined hierarchies of decision-making can be a useful exercise to this end. Clearly defining who is involved in a project will help to maintain clear and consistent messaging for the entire team.

4. What Milestones Will Success Be Measured By?

Knowing what benchmarks you’ll measure the success of a project with is essential to monitoring the success of a project over time. Ask yourself what milestones along the way to the project’s goal you’ll look for over the course of the project. This will give you the ability to reevaluate strategies as you go depending on whether or not you’re reaching these milestones.

5. What Extra Resources Should Be Devoted to Recovery?

When a project has gotten away from its initial plan, you will usually need to dedicate additional resources to get it back on track. That may require changing schedules or assigning overtime to workers involved in the project. Figure out what resources you have available to devote to a project before getting recovery underway.

6. Is External Help Necessary?

In many cases, bringing in outside resources will help you recover your project successfully. Outsourcing work involved in the project can help reduce the workload on your team. Working with project implementation professionals can also help you define your plan clearly and get additional resources to help achieve your project’s goals.

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