5 Reliable Ways to Speed Up a CRM Project

October 8, 2022

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is an aspect of doing business that has received plenty of attention in recent years. Improving the experience that a customer gets when interacting with your business can give you the edge over your competition. However, CRM implementation can be a difficult and time-consuming project that drains your resources if not managed properly. Here are some tips for improving the success and efficiency of your CRM project.

5 Reliable Ways to Speed Up a CRM Project

1. Develop a Clear Plan for CRM Implementation

As with any facet of your business, successful implementation of a CRM system is as much about the planning as the execution. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want your customer experience to be like after the project is complete, it will be difficult to measure the success or failure of your plan. Set clear, measurable objectives so that you have a clear view for how to bring your project forward.

2. Implement the Plan in Phases

Even a project that seems daunting in scale can become much more manageable when they are broken down into smaller phases rather than taken as a whole. Discerning what each stage of your project looks like will make it clear for your entire team what needs to be done to see your project through to completion.

3. Standardize Internal Practices

It’s only logical that work will go faster and more smoothly if everybody involved in a project is on the same page when it comes to everyday procedures related to their work. That’s why one of the most important steps you can take towards improving your project’s efficiency is standardizing the internal practices your team works from. Consider every detail that goes into the work so that everybody is clear on the standards they must work towards.

4. Clarify the Project’s Leadership Structure

People look to the leaders of a project for guidance on what they should be doing and as an example that they can be following. Having either too many or no project leaders can detract from this clear sense of direction that strong leaders create. Make sure that it’s clear who the leader of your project is and that there aren’t so many leaders that the project is being pulled in several directions at once. The chain of command, and who has final say on various aspects, should be clear.

5. Test Your Results in Real-World Scenarios

Ultimately, your CRM project’s success or failure depends on the results that your customer-facing team members get when using the system you implement. Involving this part of your team in the implementation stage can help you find problems you might miss when working from the outside looking in. This will allow you to test the CRM you’re implementing in real situations with your customers.

Helping businesses turn their project plans into tangible realities is something that our team specializes in. We’ll help you develop a clear plan for your CRM project and then assist in executing that plan to perfection. Contact Project Genetics today to learn how we can help make your vision of success a reality!

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