4 Benefits of Using UKG for Your WFM Solution

January 1, 2023

Workforce management (WFM) in 2023 is one of the most important topics on the table. With workers demanding more flexibility in terms of their working hours and where they can work, companies need to become more flexible. Businesses that don’t listen to the labor market’s signals will find themselves struggling to recruit and retain talent. Using a modern WFM tool like UKG Dimensions can help your company manage its staff smoothly, even in diverse working conditions.

4 Benefits of Using UKG for Your WFM Solution

1. Workforce Management for Modern Businesses

One of the reasons many businesses are reluctant to permit remote work or flexible scheduling is because it creates headaches for human resources and operations. Scheduling workers is already difficult when everyone is expected to come to the office. However, UKG’s scheduling tools make this process simple. You can label tasks and meetings as in-person, hybrid, or virtual-only events. Workers’ schedules will have similar labels.

The system can then match your staff’s availability to the tasks they need to complete. You might save all of the in-person activities for a specific day when most of your workers are present in the office. Hybrid items allow for flexibility.

2. AI-Powered Recommendations

Instead of forcing HR or managers to micromanage schedules one at a time, UKG’s support for artificial intelligence can make work much easier. AI can generate potential schedules, allowing you to choose the best ones for your current workload. AI recommendations can even suggest ways for you to handle your tasks. Perhaps you have an in-person meeting that regularly has missing attendees. The system could encourage you to switch it to a hybrid model to maximize participation.

Your physical workspaces are also added to the system to ensure that everyone has the space they need to get work done. You’ll never have a double-booked meeting room ever again.

3. UKG Talk Encourages Communication

UKG Dimensions includes UKG Talk, an app that essentially creates a small social network inside your organization. Its main purpose is to facilitate communication between hierarchies and teams. Management, for instance, can send important messages to the entire team. Team leaders can reach out to other team leaders or send information to every one of their team members. Staff can easily send questions and requests to the right people.

However, UKG Talk is more than just a chatroom. AI also analyzes these conversations and evaluates the level of engagement on both an individual and conversation level. A question that yielded many responses might be highlighted, encouraging management to build a training session around that topic. An individual that frequently participates could be recognized as a thought leader in the organization, worthy of additional responsibility.

4. Automated Data Tracking and Analytics

UKG captures data with every interaction. It then automatically feeds that data into analytics tools that give you an overview of your company’s activity. If you have other data analytics tools, UKG supports integrations with other software suites, unifying your company’s data.

To learn more about UKG and its features, contact Project Genetics to speak to one of our representatives. We can help you determine if UKG is right for you and how to implement it in your company best.

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