3 Benefits of a Scaled Agile Framework

January 8, 2022

When you want your business to truly embody the agile spirit, you need a platform that can help you scale agile ideas throughout your organization. It’s not enough to simply have a few trained leaders; your whole company should operate on agile principles. With the release of Scaled Agile Framework 5, also known as SAFe, businesses are able to take an agile approach to every facet of their operations. This approach translates to some serious real-world benefits.

3 Benefits of a Scaled Agile Framework

Productivity Boosts

Productivity is notoriously difficult to improve with a single solution. As output depends on numerous variables, finding the right buttons to push can be challenging. However, SAFe tends to result in massive gains in productivity since it holistically transforms how businesses operate. That means that each variable gets just what it needs and the final output is much greater than what you would expect. Consider ZKH Industrial Supply’s example.

This company is one of the largest providers of maintenance, repair, and operations products. They move millions of consumable goods to businesses so they can keep working. Since they deal in such large volumes, one of the biggest bottlenecks was order processing. After adopting SAFe, they reduced their order processing time by a factor of 8! In addition, they formed interdisciplinary product delivery teams (a trademark characteristic of agile enterprises) and were able to address customers’ issues faster.

More Flexibility

Much of the Lean Enterprise mentality that accompanies the SAFe model is driven by a desire for flexibility. Your organization needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. If the last few years weren’t proof enough, consider how some companies have benefited when they were able to adapt. A great example comes from FedEx.

Not only was global shipping stopped dead in its tracks as many ports were closed temporarily as lockdown orders were issued, but FedEx found themselves with more orders than ever as PPE and other medical supplies needed to shuffle around the world. Add in all of the online shopping that emerged, and FedEx had to shift its business dramatically. Thanks to the use of SAFe and Agile, they were able to reroute shipments without sacrificing delivery times.

Better Teams (And Happier Employees)

Nokia’s massive size makes collaboration complicated. With nearly 100,000 employees and over 40 Agile Release Trains (ARTs) the company has proven that if you adopt an agile approach, you can synchronize your staff’s efforts. Nokia mixes up their teams periodically to help transfer expertise from one ART to the next. Each product they make has its own team, but they never use the same team twice.

Their employees are overall quite satisfied with their jobs. Most employee reviews highlight how great the staff is and how well they work together. Nokia is just one example of how SAFe adoption results in a 10-50% increase in job satisfaction and engagement.

Upgrade Your Framework

How you view your tasks will determine how you tackle them. With SAFe 5, companies can scale Agile strategies with ease. Contact Project Genetics to learn more about the Scaled Agile Framework and how it can help your business to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

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